The iMac is Apple’s powerful and most widely used desktop model. Current models come in 21.5-inch and 27-inch varieties while past iterations have included 20-inch and 24-inch styles. Depending on the specific model you can expect USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, Ethernet and audio in/out may be included (see the specs of the iMac to be sure of the precise port configuration on any given model).
If you’re looking for a powerful Mac that includes a great high-resolution display then you’re certain to be pleased with the iMac!

Powerful Intel processors will keep your workflow on-track
Loads of ports included for connecting external devices (varies by model)
All-in-one design makes setup simple
Included displays are high-resolution with great colour accuracy

Be aware of:
Those requiring a different display will need to consider the Mac Mini or Mac Pro series for additional flexibility

Perfect for:
Most consumers and small businesses requiring a desktop model decide on the iMac series
Those hoping for an easy to set up computer will love the iMac