Apple’s long established and super-popular laptop has a little something for everyone! Available in 11-inch and 13-inch varieties, the MacBook Air is small enough to fit into most bags or backpacks without causing a noticeable bulge. In addition, the low 3 to 3.5 pound weight will not slow you down when you’re running across campus or jogging through an airport!

The MacBook Air turns in decent performance and a great 3-6 hours of battery life (in real world tests). The familiar “raised key” keyboard on the “Air” is a welcome sight for many long-standing Apple users as typing on these laptops is very comfortable.

Among the most affordable Mac laptops
Small size and weight makes them ideal travelling companions
Fast flash-based storage
Classic keyboard is a treat to use

Be aware of:
CPU included is not ideal for gaming, if that is what you require then look to the MacBook Pro Retina series instead!
As with many Mac laptops, internal expansion options are limited so we’d recommend you choose the RAM and SSD you’ll need BEFORE ordering!

Perfect for:
Students and small business people
A secondary Mac when you are travelling
Anyone needing to use a Mac on an airplane!