Apple’s venerable MacBook Pro (pre-retina) series is super-popular and in most cases they are our most affordable Mac laptops on offer. The MacBook Pros are very expandable, allowing the user to upgrade RAM and storage options before or after purchase. Most of the MacBook Pro models include decently-sized hard drives as standard equipment, but we are able to retrofit SSD drives into these machines (on demand) allowing for a significant speed increase!

Rounding out the feature list is a robust selection of ports including USB, Firewire, audio in/out, SD Memory slot and Thunderbolt/Mini display port (precise types of ports included varies between specific models). Many people will also appreciate the onboard optical drive for DVD or Audio CD playback!

Among the most affordable Mac laptops
Great expandability options
Classic keyboard is a treat to use
Loads of ports for connecting external devices
Included optical drive is a huge boon for some users

Be aware of:
The included optical drive makes this laptop a big thicker than the MacBook Pro Retina series
Power users may want to look at the MacBook Pro Retina for increased power (albeit at a higher price-point).
These are the largest laptops Apple produces. Some users may want to look to the slimmer and easier to tote around MacBook Air or MacBook series.

Perfect for:
Students and small business people
Budget conscious Mac buyers love the reasonable price
Those thinking of upgrading down the road will appreciate the flexibility in RAM/HDD options on this model