The 12-inch MacBook delivers great performance in the lightest and thinnest Mac laptop ever released! The all-new clever design focuses on improving user experience with particular attention being paid to the large trackpad, expansive keyboard and high resolution retina display. Decent overall performance and superior sound round out the list of features for this ultimately portable Mac laptop.

In real world tests the MacBook can reliably give you 5+ hours of constant performance, with some users reporting closer to 10 hours of battery life (in extreme circumstances). Your mileage may vary!

Long battery life
Ultra-small size makes breezing through airports simpler
Fast flash-based storage
Bright high-res display
All-new keyboard is great

Be aware of:
Only 1 port for external connectivity/charging
CPU included is not ideal for gaming, if that is what you crave then look to the MacBook Pro Retina series instead!
As with many Mac laptops, internal expansion options are limited so we’d recommend you choose the RAM and SSD you’ll need BEFORE ordering!

Perfect for:
Students needing portability
A secondary Mac when you are travelling
Anyone needing to use a Mac on an airplane!