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Olde Time Mac started in 2018. Yes, it’s a fairly new company so by itself it does not have a lot of history. HOWEVER, the operators of Olde Time Mac have been in the business for nearly 30 years. They are anything but newcomers! This also helps explain why Olde Time Mac has access to some of the best deals and selection of products of anyone in the pre-owned Apple market. Olde Time Mac was started specifically as an online company. While selling products is a natural place to start for such a venture, Olde Time Mac has quickly added TRADE-IN options to the web site. In April 2019 we will be adding a PARTS sales area to the site where you can browse a growing selection of parts for your Mac. See below for more on that. Olde Time Mac has a dedicated staff and we are all Apple enthusiasts!

The Apple landscape has evolved over the years as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you are a fan of Apple products! Way back when, the only place to buy an Apple was at a small, local Apple dealer or maybe at a big box store like Future Shop. There was no such thing as online shopping! That came next. Buying Apple products online directly from Apple was a game changer, and then came the Apple Stores! Those were another revolution in being able to view and try out Apple products, especially where local dealers were not available or maybe not in business at all. In this changing landscape, many privately owned and much loved local dealers have closed their doors. But the tough ones, who figured out how to evolve with the times have stuck around and you can actually get some of your best shopping and especially service experiences at those dealers. They try hard for your business!

But what about pre-owned through all those changes in the shopping landscape? Sure, you might find a few items here and there at your local dealer but a wide selection with reliable condition and trusted warranty was (and still is) hard to come by. Not only that, but you’d be hard pressed to find a good place to trade-in your old equipment. And trading-in can be one of the BEST ways to save yourself some money on buying something newer. Did you know that you only pay sales tax on the difference when you add a trade-in?! That adds to your savings.

This ability to find TRUSTED pre-owned Apple product with a wide selection from a company that backs up their products is why Olde Time Mac was born. We wanted to fill that role across all of Canada! And that is exactly what we are doing. Olde Time Mac is the fastest growing pre-owned Apple focused company in Canada. We won’t let you down! If you ever have a problem, give us a chance to make it right!

And WHY Olde Time Mac you ask?! There are plenty of places on the web that offer pre-owned Macs and iPads and other great Apple technology, so give me some reasons to buy from Olde Time Mac! Okay here we go…

As of the writing of this blog, our main focus is Apple Mac computers with a close second being iPads. These product lines require the most expertise to service and recondition where necessary and so our skills really show through on these products. We are increasing the number of iPhones being highlighted on our web site everyday and then you have Apple Watch and various other products that continue to increase the variability. We are just now starting to carry PARTS on our web site. That will be going LIVE in April 2019. We’re starting with some of the major components for Mac products that can be tough to find. These are for people who either like to tinker themselves and try to do some part replacements on their own workbench OR for those who live in remote areas but have a local technician they like to deal with. Keep in mind however that you can always send your Apple item to US for service and we can help fix or upgrade it. Contact us to discuss details. As for accessories, Olde Time Mac (as of this writing) has a small selection of items that can compliment your purchase. External backup drives for backing up your data (super-important!) as well as a few sleeves and don’t forget the Olde Time Mac Protection Plan (OTMPP). Stay tuned to the web site for expanded selections. Olde Time Mac is focused on the Apple items themselves like MacBooks and iPads at the moment and we want to concentrate on those strengths. But rest assured we will be adding more accessories in the future so watch out!

You’ll find Olde Time Mac products for sale in a bunch of places! First and foremost, we have our own web site with full e-commerce capabilities where you can browse all our products, find out about our company and request trade-in information on your existing Apple technology. You will also find our products prominently listed on the Best Buy Marketplace. We are one of the top selling companies when it comes to Apple Macs and other Apple tech. Olde Time Mac also sells on Amazon and ebay though at the moment there is a lesser selection of items on those forums. But sometimes different stuff! So check it out if you are looking for various products.

Discriminating Taste.
Olde Time Mac tends to look for Grade A product only. Yes, we also recondition products that might have a couple of issues and occasionally you might find some B grade product (clearly identified!!) on a few forums (and for a good price!!) but the vast majority of our product is not sold unless it can obtain our tough rating of 9/10 or better. That means that everything is working up to our discriminating specifications and that you’ll have a good machine no matter what. It means that the cosmetics are very very good and in many cases the products look almost new. Sometimes a few scratches will exist here and there from normal wear and tear but again, we try to keep that to a minimum.

Olde Time Mac mostly uses only Apple parts when fixing up a unit that needs work. We will used certified pre-owned parts too, but they are going into a pre-owned machine so that tends to work out well! Occasionally we will use third party parts. For example if a new hard drive is needed in an iMac it might make more sense to use a compatible Seagate or Western Digital drive and that drive might even be brand new with a full warranty. Keep in mind that in many cases, Apple themselves uses parts purchased from these types of manufacturers in their brand new computers! Sometimes with tough to get components, Olde Time Mac will go further afield to get a machine working but in each and every case, the Apple technology is put through rigorous testing to ensure that it is working 100% and that you will be very happy with it!!

Olde Time Mac keeps it’s shipping rates very low. In some cases, we ship for free but in cases where we have to charge something, it is usually below market rate and we are absorbing some of that cost. Stay tuned, we sometimes change our shipping rates to $0 when we can so always be on the lookout! In addition, we always look to get our products out the door ASAP following your order. Often that is SAME DAY so you can have your product fast. But even if we can’t process it that fast, rest assured, we are working hard to get your item our the door. Keep in mind, we always double check our work before sealing up that box to ensure your item is in great condition, well packaged and looking 100% for your satisfaction! Our boxes have lots of padding and we use a super-cool air filled packaging system designed to protect the specific type of item you ordered and it is meant to keep the amount of plastic to a minimum to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We encourage you to keep your packaging instead of throwing it out. They are great boxes for future shipments when you want to send the item back to us in a year and trade it in for a newer model!!

We are here to serve you. Most of our customers are very understanding when something doesn’t go perfectly despite our best efforts! And we always endeavour to “drop everything” and find a good solution that they will be happy with. Going the extra mile is how we want to be perceived! We are empathetic and our staff is trained to put themselves in YOUR shoes! We all know what it’s like when something goes wrong and we always want you to walk away feeling that you were treated fairly.

Payment and Financing.
You will see on our website that you can pay by e-transfer or Paypal. Super easy!
Online financing for your purchase is coming soon so stay tuned! We are working with a nation-wide finance company where you will be able to apply online, get your approval and then we can ship out your product. All super-easy and super-fast. Check back soon on that one!

Olde Time Mac is a wholly owned Canadian company. We usually deal with only Canadian customers! We know and you probably know from your own shipping experience what it is like dealing with cross border companies when ordering. Sure, sometimes it goes smoothly. But then sometimes you get hit with unexpected duties and taxes. Or extra delivery charges. Or prolonged delays. Or even sometimes a brokerage fee to get it across the border! And goodness knows what to do when something goes wrong with your product and you want to send it back. Good luck reversing all that border hassle! Guess what: with Olde Time Mac you are in Canada and so are we. We love being Canadians! And we’re all nicer too, right?! Shop with confidence here in our country and we promise to take care of you.

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