NOTE: OTM Protection Plan is only Available in Ontario.

Every Certified Pre-Owned Product sold by Olde Time Mac comes with a 90 Day Warranty and a 14 Day No-Hassle Return policy.

Olde Time Mac offers additional coverage on your Certified Pre-Owned Product too!

You can purchase a 1 year OTM Protection Plan (OTMPP) Coverage begins from date of purchase

OTMPP covers your product for parts and labour for manufacturer defects. It does not cover shipping, software issues or physical damage to the product. Olde Time Mac is not responsible for data loss of any kind whether the device is in the possession of the user or in the possession of Olde Time Mac.

The price is dependant on the Certified Pre-Owned Product that you are buying. The OTMPP costs approximately 15% of the original purchase price per year. It will be calculated for you when you select OTMPP and add it to your cart.

When repairing Certified Pre-Owned Product, Olde Time Mac reserves the right to repair or replace (with a product of equal or greater technical specs) the product. When repairing, Olde Time Mac reserves the right to use genuine Apple parts, reconditioned parts, or third-party parts of equal or better quality in the judgment of Olde Time Mac.

Products with serial numbers that have been altered or removed will be ineligible for repair under OTMPP coverage. Products that have been physically modified by the user will be ineligible for repair under OTMPP coverage. OTMPP coverage does not apply to batteries unless a manufacturer defect can be shown to be responsible. Batteries are considered a consumable item.

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