Warranty and Support

We strive to have products repaired as quickly as possible! In some situations (when the repair department is exceptionally busy, or parts needed to complete repairs do not arrive in a timely fashion) repairs can be delayed beyond our control.

We can generally give advice and guidance on the use of most products we sell. For detailed information on the use of products we can direct you to online resources (manuals, tech notes, etc). In some cases we can arrange for free or paid training that may assist you with the operation of your equipment and software.

Refurbished and pre-owned products we sell come with a 90 day parts and labor warranty (some exceptions or exclusions apply, ask for details, see the individual listing for the warranty duration of a specific item). These type of products will be repaired or replaced AT THE OPTION OF Olde Time Mac.

Our pre-owned warranty covers both parts and labor repairs, but specifically excludes customer abuse, liquid spills and/or software issues. We can, at our option, elect to repair the unit, replace the item with a similar product as chosen by Olde Time Mac, or refund the original purchase. A combination of Geniune OEM, refurbished and/or qualified 3rd party parts may be employed for these repairs. If parts become unavailable entirely for these types of products, Olde Time Mac will replace the product with a pre-owned product of equal or better technical and quality specifications as chosen by Olde Time Mac.

Defective or non functioning products can not be returned past the normal return policy dates listed above.

We are not be liable for any damages including (but not limited to) loss of time, loss of data, loss of profit, business interruption.

Customer data is the exclusive responsibility of the CUSTOMER. We believe that all clients should take a proactive and responsible approach to ensuring that data is being backed up regularly, and that the backup data is safe and secure! Olde Time Mac assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any data loss (intentional or non-intentional) under any circumstances.

User induced issues like liquid spills, physical damage etc. void all warranties (except in cases where your warranty coverage explicitly covers accidental liquid or physical damage). *ask for details.

FIND MY IPHONE / IPAD and ICLOUD ACTIVATION LOCK: these features MUST be removed prior to returning your item for service or refund. Failure to do so will cause delays and in cases where these features CAN NOT be removed the warranty or return will not be able to be processed and the item will be returned to you.